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Get to Know Me!

Hi! I'm Lacey, an aspiring instructional and eLearning designer. I have a MA in Educational Multimedia and over 9 years of experience in education. As a former technology teacher, the most rewarding aspect of my job was finding new and creative ways to engage students. Nothing made my day more than when students became genuinely excited and interested in the topics we were learning about.


While I loved working with students, I'm excited to transition my career out of the classroom by creating learning experiences that enable diverse groups of adult learners to be more successful. 

What I Bring to Your Team

  • Proven track record of developing creative and engaging learning experiences 

  • Collaborative and agile approach to learning and development

  • Focus on building and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders

  • A strong foundation in learner-centered instruction ​​​


I look forward to hearing from you!

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